For a limited time, try the Spotlight Spooner, "Summer S'mores!" Also now delivering all product free to Portland customers!

Because sometimes your peanut butter

can't wait for toast.

You've never had peanut butter like this!

"I didn’t know I loved dark roasted nut butter, but now I refuse to live without it. REFUSE. "

- The hilarious and wonderful Delanie Fischer, host of Self Help-less podcast, and CEO of Doin' it with Delanie 

Have a little more fun with your nuts.

"Finished the jar in 2 days. I think I paced myself well."

-Mo, after polishing off her dark chocolate chip cocoa Build-a-Spooner

Each Build-a-Spooner is made to order!

"The best nuts I've ever put in my mouth."

- Oh, just my friend Stephen.

"Dark" roasted and hand-ground in Portland, Oregon

Limited Time: SUMMER S'MORE

Limited Time: SUMMER S'MORE

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