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You've never had peanut butter like this!

Spotlight Flavor of the Month 👇



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Whatcha feel like spooning today?

Because sometimes your peanut butter

can't wait for toast.

"I didn’t know I loved dark roasted nut butter, but now I refuse to live without it. REFUSE. "

- The hilarious and wonderful Delanie Fischer, host of Self Help-less podcast, and CEO of Doin' it with Delanie 

Have a little more fun with your nuts.

"Finished the jar in 2 days. I think I paced myself well."

-Mo, after polishing off her dark chocolate chip cocoa Build-a-Spooner

MuttButter is the perfect treat for your pup!

Each Build-a-Spooner is made to order!

"The best nuts I've ever put in my mouth."

- Oh, just my friend Stephen.

"Dark" roasted and hand-ground in Portland, Oregon