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Spoon & Nut was created when I moved back to the US after having lived in the UK for over 2 years. After buying a jar of"craft" peanut butter from my local market in London, I fell in love with the unique roast and extra crunchy nuts. I turned the jar around to find a contact, and immediately emailed them to let 'em know it was the best peanut butter I'd ever tasted (and guys, I've eaten a lot of peanut butter).

This is when I met Stu, who has a far more interesting story than I do, the creator of Manílife peanut butter. If you're in the UK, you should absolutely buy some right now. Luckily, he needed extra hands!

Then begun a fun journey of helping with food festivals and spreading the word about a product I was truly passionate about. 

I really, really like peanut butter. Especially good peanut butter.

But then, I moved back to the US. I shipped my remaining inventory to Oregon and slowly ate the rest of it, knowing when it was gone, it was gone!

Upon the last spoonful, I was heartbroken knowing I couldn't get my favorite spread in the US! I started experimenting with different nuts, roasts and recipes and badgering all my friends to give me feedback. Soon, I was selling jars here and here.

So now, with careful supervision of Mikka, I make small-batch peanut butter in our tiny apartment in Southeast Portland. (Update: Mikka can no longer watch, as I've moved production to a commissary, but she still gets plenty of her own spoons to lick at home!)

I love making new crazy flavors and when I get suggestions from friends and other new fans. Let me know what you'd like me to whip up!

This is a very small "side hustle" and creative entrepreneurial endeavor for me. I work full-time with a company I love, and my coworkers have been some of my best taste-testers and enthusiastic first customers. 

Because I do this for fun and I hand craft each jar, I can guarantee you'll love any of the peanut butter you try. If you don't, let me know, and I'll have fun making you something better!