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Build-a-Jar: Create your own PB flavor!


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Choose up to 3 mix-ins for your own customized flavor!

These are fun to have around when you want a snack straight out of the jar, or perfect unique party gifts for the peanut butter lover in your life.

Need some inspiration? Try these combos!

Waffle cone crunch: Brown sugar + waffle cone + cinnamon

The Elvis: Smooth base + Banana chips + honey + cinnamon

Birthday cake: White chocolate chips + rainbow sprinkles + honey (makes a unique party or birthday gift)

Peanut butter cup: Chocolate chips + cocoa powder + honey

Sweet and salty crunch: Chocolate chips + white chocolate chips + pretzel pieces 

Savory Thai: Sriracha + soy + crunchy peanut base


**Nutritional information** varies depending on your added ingredients!

- Vegan and Gluten Free mix-ins are listed with a V and GF in the drop-down list

- The nutrition panel in the second reflects the base peanut butter of peanuts and salt only (whether crunchy or smooth)

- The source of my mix-in ingredients vary depending on the supplier. Please let me know if you need a full ingredient list and I can get you that information!

Build-a-Jar: Create your own PB flavor!
Build-a-Jar: Create your own PB flavor!